Confusion Issue 28


DIY scene exploration from the depths of Brazil’s jungles to the shady forests of Finland. You won’t be disappointed!

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Well, for starters, Adam Keys has a double page profile in this issue! Adam has lived in Barca for years and skates evey day, high time this guy saw some more coverage! On top of that, this issue has an interview with John Worthington, who photos by the mighty Dave Swift will be enough to make you want to cut up this mag and paper your bedroom with it!

Interviews with:

John Worthington (USA)
Hirotton (Japan)

DIY Spots:
Beaver Bowl (Arkansas)
Jungle Floripa (Brazil)
Greifswalder DIY (Germany)
Havumaki Ranch (Finland)
Fauna DIY (Germany)
DIY Selo (Canary Islands)
Pool DIY (France)
Mooswerk DIY (Switzerland)

and way more…

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