Confusion Issue 24



This has some great DIY and Search and Destroy articles!

A brilliant ‘Black Rock DIY’ article from Brighton UK. The chances are, you’ll buy this mag, and see a photo of your friends!

‘DRY SEASON -Czech ditch Project is insane. Book your flights now and get yourself there!

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Issue #24


Charlie Martin (USA)
Jonas “Ginger” Bünger  (Denmark)

DIY Spots:

Diy, Pools & Crust (Australia)
The Left Hand bowl (Colorado)
French Alps DIY Tour
Black Rock DIY (England)
Spring Ditch (California)
Das Loch (Germany)
Barbecue DIY (France)
Gosford Wave (Australia)

And features on:

Kelso Pool in Washington
Nomad Bowl BBQ
Czech Ditch Project
Hot Shits (Paulie Woodring/GnarJersey, Elly Ryland, Matthew Wilcox)

and way more…

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