Confusion Issue 25



This has some great DIY and Search and Destroy articles!

A brilliant ‘Black Rock DIY’ article from Brighton UK. The chances are, you’ll buy this mag, and see a photo of your friends!

‘DRY SEASON -Czech ditch Project is insane. Book your flights now and get yourself there!

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Issue #25

When I first opened this issue I was struck by how colourful it is! A virtual rainbow of graffiti, coloured concrete, blood, shrubbery, rust, laminate and water-park trespassing.

Features on:
Dirtbags (New York)
Shipwrecked (Italy)
Skatepark in Tanzania (Africa)
Fear and Stoke in Palm Springs (California)
Ginnie’s Pool (California)
Monuments (Balkans)
My DIY (California)
My Backyard DIY (Oregon)
Ice Colds: Small Beating (Oregon)

DIY Spots:
Wellington DIY (New Zealand)
Chino DIY (Japan)
Tacoing DIYs (Australia)

And an Interview with:
Sean Bernhardt aka Space Bat Killer (New Jersey)

and way more…

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