Confusion Issue 30


DIY scene exploration from the depths of Brazil’s jungles to the shady forests of Finland. You won’t be disappointed in Confusion magazine!

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…ever skated this place??? If not, get in your car now and start driving, head for Zurich and dont look back!! While you’re there, head to the mountains and try to find that fullpipe that Oli, Claudia, Livio and the Kid skate.

This issue features so much DIY reportage! So much going on in Europe right now, mental!

In a time when it seems like people are just staying in and watching the world go by, this issue proves otherwise!! ‘Have Confusion, Will Travel’ (get the tattoo!)

DIY Spots:

Ribnik DIY (Slovenia)
Manos Sucias DIY (Mexico)
Chamrousse DIY (France)
Squat Pool (Belgium)
Beast DIY (Switzerland)
Rollerdamm DIY (Austria)
Backyard Club Bowl (Belgium)

Features on:

Hydropowerplay (Switzerland)
Yama roadtrip (Austria)
Renegade Tips (USA)
Luserway roadtrip (Germany)

Artist interview with:

T – Rex (Daniel Trendle)

and way more…