“Don’t Be A Pusillanimous” Video

What would you do if you spent much of your year organising one of the greatest winter ramp contests in Europe? Well, you’d do you best to organise one of the best summer BBQ’s to reward yourself for your hard work, invite all your mates, and turn it into a tour wouldn’t you? Would you?! Call them glutton’s for punishment, call them psychos, call them labourers of love, but Cedi and Alan (the collective beauty and brains behind Team Trouble Laax every year), have gone and done it again. ‘Don’t be a Pusillanimous’ is the Swiss BBQ tour of 2019, perfectly captured by Skibi aka Bobaj’s lens. Take the likes of Sox, Livio, Niki, Schianta, Igor Fardin and the rest of the Warriors Crew, our boys Ewen, Alex and Jordan and many other euro rippers, fill them full of bread, cheese and lager and point them at some rugged street tran and this is what you get.

Well done Skibi and everyone involved!