With over 20 years experience in commercial printing, I have witnessed the poor quality and lack of care within the fast fashion industry. After a recent trip to a commercial factory and seeing the effects of fast fashion and the waste dump for discarded clothing, I realised that production in fast fashion was not the way forward.  

I have always wanted Lovenskate to be produced ethically, with a commitment to 100% sustainable practices and access to eco-friendly yarns and we’re now taking this step in order to benefit everyone. What’s the point in going green, if the production isn’t green itself?  

Making sustainable clothing is always a difficult task but worth it in order to genuinely produce the best for our customers -a beautifully made garment, that will last longer, simultaneously lessening our impact on the environment.

So what did we need to consider?

Synthetics (like polyester) and Cotton are the most common fabrics used in clothing and have a huge impact on the environment. Synthetic materials are made from crude oil and produce tons of emissions and micro-plastics when washed. Unfortunately, this type of fabric is not running out of style any time soon; with 98% of all future fibre production expected to be in synthetics. Cotton, on the other hand, uses tons of pesticides and other chemicals that negatively affect waterways. With this in mind, is was important to choose a factory that used 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) with a transparent and traceable supply chain.

As founder and owner of Lovenskate, I am proud to be able to hold up a piece of our new collection and say this is made in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly way, where throughout the supply-chain, people have equal opportunities, are paid a living wage and are working in a safe and humane environments

I hope you like our new collection and can support our new direction.