Pocket ‘Tea-Shirt’



Black, Heavy Weight (220 gsm) 100% Organic Cotton short sleeve shirt with sewn pocket and screen printed details.

Comes With Free Post Cards, And Stickers

(I cannot lie, this ‘Tea-cup Tea-shirt’ genius is not our idea, it was gifted to us by the mighty Perkka Pollari of the now gone, but not forgotten Perus Crew. We just gave it a little revamp, and we’re eternally grateful.)



I have always wanted Lovenskate to be produced ethically and we’re now taking a big step in order to make that a reality. This year we started working with a factory that can produce our garments with a commitment to 100% sustainable practices, working environments, and access to eco-friendly yarns.

As founder and owner of Lovenskate, I am proud to be able to hold up a piece of our new collection and say this is made in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly way, where throughout the supply-chain, people have equal opportunities, are paid a living wage and are working in a safe and humane environments.



XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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