The brain child of Paul McConnach of  Iron Giraffe presents “DALRIADA” a full length film featuring our boy Aaron Wilmot, Ross Zajac, Saul Crumlish, Kieron Menzies, Charles Myatt, Graham Anderson, Adam Paris, Ruari Britee-steer, Daniel Nicholas, Tom Shimmin and many more in the parks and streets...

POZO ; LOOSELY TRANSLATED MEANS ‘PIT’ IN SPANISH. IT ALSO MEANS ‘WATER HOLE’, ‘THE DEEP…’, AND ‘FOUNTAIN’ (AS IN …OF WISDOM). This word is relevant to this trip in many ways. Mainly a transition based mission in the north of Spain and Cataluña, we hit bowls,...

All of this is bloody ridiculous! I must have watched it 100 times, maybe more, install not 100% sure whats happening. Massive thanks to Niall at Redbull for the push. ‍ WATCH HERE:

Following the release of of her Pro Board for Lovenskate - 'Master of Camouflage and her interview in Grey Magazine, we bring you this edit. Filmed by the 'Master of Camcorder-flage', Mr Andy Evans. Music - Blade 'Born To Rule'.

Ewen Bower, Daniel Hill, Stu Smith, Aaron Wilmot and his favourite drinking buddy Adam Paris (Witchcraft Hardware) explore the concrete humps and bumps of Barca and beyond. Music; Peret “Barcelona tiene Poder” Various metro buskers recorded with a Zoom H1 My Fair Lady “Pronunciation

The UK’s Alex Hallford is a spontaneous, creative skateboard ruler; the last trick is super-sketchy. WATCH HERE:

Ewen Bower, Alex Hallford, Lee Santer, Stu Smith and guest ‘self appointed LNS team manager’ Mikey Patrick (Death Skateboards) mission it around the suburbs of Barca and beyond.