The Grove D.I.Y. Zine


Looking back, it’s hard to think of many things good that came out of 2020. However, there are a small group of skateboarders from South London that took matters into their own hands in the disused ‘Grove’ Pub carpark, and despite all the odds, created an immensely positive legacy for what what a lot of people consider one of the worst years for a long long time – ‘The Gove’

Alastair Gleeson has produced this full colour, 30 page zine. His 35mm photos, along with contributions from Denia Kopita, Benjamin Bostock and Shannon Osborne. As well as this, there is an introduction by the mighty Iain Borden and illustrations from Holly McGinty document the progression of this very unique DIY.

True Skateboarding zine, and definitely one for any fan of independently published skateboard media. Well done everyone involved!

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30 page full colour fanzine, produced by Alastair Gleeson.



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