Confusion Issue 23



Our Boy Jordan Thackeray on the front cover!!!!!!!!
Frontside bluntslide over the door at The Spot. Tottenham, England.
Photo: Wig Worland

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If that wasn’t great enough this issue is packed with inspiring Interviews and…..

DIY Spot checks:
Sheepside (Hawaii)
Le Combe des Moulins (France)
Bay Area (Japan)
Noodle DIY (California)
Zgosa Spot (Slovenia)
Le Labo (France)

features on:
Vert Skating in Seattle
Polacs in Paradise
Hoon Run for Dorfus
Hot Sh*ts (Otto Hoffman, David Lilley, Sota Tomikawa and Manuel Gomez)

and way way more… and when youre done ready, you can tear the cover on and stick it to the wall above your bed and dream! 🙂