“NYE BEVAN” Patron Saint of Skateboarding by Jon Horner


5 Colour Screen print (including a very nice gold that’ll make you look v.posh) on a 9inch 90’s Blimp shape. Pressed at Pennswood.

32 1/2 long. 14″ Wheelbase (measured using the distance from the inside front truck bolts to the inside back truck bolts). 9″ at its widest, tapering to 8.5″at the start of the tail. Jason Lee approved.

Comes With Free Ashes Grip, Sticker and a Postcard. Don’t forget to wipe


Nye Bevan is held as the Welshman who brought us the NHS in the 40’s. It’s now 2019, and not long until decision time. We’re not scared of mixing politics and skateboarding.

Illustration by the might Jon Horner.

We asked our boy Jackson Davis to interview artist Jon Horner on his artwork, his latest board for Lovenskate, and find out why he is so passionate about protecting the National Health Service.

“Personally I think a graphic about how rad the NHS is will always be relevant, but at the moment it’s particularly on topic since this is the election which will decide whether it continues to exist or not” – Jon Horner

You can read the full interview here


9" Blimp

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