A Ni Liege collab with our Belgian Distro Jean Jacque. In the words of Jean Jacque Head Honcho Ben “In case you don’t know ‘Ni Liege’ it is Flamish for ‘Don’t Lie’. It’s not really a brand, but it’s just stickers and goods we made for spreading the statement ‘do not lie’. It originally comes from skateboarding when someone arrives in the skatepark and shows off but you can see he’s lying;) When this happens we always scream: ‘Ni Liege!'”


A 2 colour screen print on boards direct from the Generator Wood Shop.

The profits will go to 7Hills skatepark, the social skateboarding initiative in the Middle East, Jordan.

Comes with stickers, postcard and grip if you want it.


8.125", 8.31", 8", 8.25", 8.5"

Grip Tape

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