‘FLOWER POWER’ – by Liisa Chisholm


Nothing says ‘Spring has Sprung’ quite like the work of one of Canada’s happiest exports, Liisa Chisholm. What an absolute pleasure it was to work with her on her recent show, and what an amazing graphic she’s done for us!



Liisa Chisholm’s ‘FLOWER POWER’ board. A 3 colour screen print available on 8 different coloured stains, across 2 sizes (8.125″ & 8.31″) and printed on Generator wood 🌸

These sold really well and now we only have Green available  🌻

8.125″  & 8.31″  have a 14.25 Wheelbase.


Comes with Postcard, Sticker and Free Ashes Grip Tape (please make sure you select if you want it)


8.125", 8.31"

Grip Tape

Add Grip Tape, No Grip Tape thanks

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