‘DOES IT BRING YOU JOY…?’- Jordan Thackeray Pro Board


Jordan Thackeray’s pro-board ‘Does it bring you Joy, does it make you Rich?’

Multi-layered graphics, comprising of found images about money, happiness, fame and fortune. Printed on various wood-stains, in various colours. Each one unique.’Joy or Rich? I’ll let you decide.

Available in 2 sizes;

Artwork by Stu Smith

8.25″ – WB 14″ – Maple

8.31″ – WB 14″ –  Green / Yellow


Comes with Sticker, postcard and grip if you want it.


Comes with stickers, postcard and grip if you want it.


8.31", 8.25", 8.5"

Grip Tape

Include Grip Tape, No Grip Tape thanks

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