‘AMOR Y PATIN’ Various Stains – Board (wb 14.25″)


Igor Marques does it again with a Flamenco inspired graphic hand printed on mixed wood stain. (Translates as ‘Love & Skate’)

A 4 colour hand screen print on boards direct from Control – 8.25″ and 8.5″ with a 14.25″ wb. 32.5″ long.

We have various stains and they will be chosen at random, if you would like a specific colour please leave a comment at checkout;

8.25″ Black / /Purple / Plain

8.5″ Black / Blue / Yellow / Purple


Comes with Sticker, postcard and grip if you want it.


Comes with stickers, postcard and grip if you want it.


8.25", 8.5"

Grip Tape

Include Grip Tape, No Grip Tape thanks

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